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We will process your complete project documentation including budget for garden realization. We can also calculate other garden architect´s offer for you. Maybe just to compare competitively. Contact us...

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We will connect your ideas with our experience to create a perfect place for relaxing or active leisure.

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We have founded dozens of beautiful gardens and we know how to do it. We work fast and gently to the environment providing high-quality.

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Not just mowing the lawn and fertilization. We can offer professional and individual attitude to your garden. 

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Nowadays no longer luxury equipment of your garden - on the contrary - irrigation system is becoming an obvious part of it. 

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Grown trees

Grown trees

You don´t have to wait for your trees to grow. We will deliver the best pieces. Even from abroad. 

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Looking for inspiration? Have a look at different garden types

  • Simple modern garden

    Perfect completion of modern houses. Would you like a simple and pleasant garden giving you enough privacy for relaxing after work? Gardens designed by us are original and functional. 

  • Little city garden

    Life in the city doesn´t necessarily mean being surrounded by concrete and asphalt. Although garden creation is strongly limited by area size we are able to realize your ideas e.g. in small spaces of badly accessible courtyards. 

  • Large park garden

    Would you like to walk in your own park? Do you like the style of castle gardens? Large gardens can be opportunities to create plant collections, arboretum or a small botanical garden. Our professional knowledge is always available to you. 

  • Ponds, pools ant other water features 

    By implementing water into your garden we cand create gentle and natural environment. Do you have any idea? Swimming pool or ecopond? Waterfall, cascades? Today´s technology enables realizing your ideas with all details. All this might be maintenance-free. What is the best for you? We provide a 5-year - tightness-quarantee for all water structures. 

  • Far East gardens 

    Although they can be the most demanding of all, they definitely have undisputable atmosphere. Would you like to meditate at a peaceful waterfall or watch bamboo leaves while drinking a cup of green tea? Or walking in a typical regular square islamic garden? When realizing these gardens we use our Korean experience and get inspired by Fast East gardens. 

  • Rock gardens and dry walls 

    We will create a rock garden or dry wall that will be functional and also original and beautiful so that you will keep watching it again and again. 

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