Grown trees

If you ask us what we are really good at, we will answer modestly, it is the  planting of large trees.

Reliable suppliers

A good supplier is essential. Our top supplier is the largest German nursery for large ornamental trees, owned and run by the Lorberg family for more than 170 years. We usually take our clients directly to the nursery center near Berlin. Together with the nursery master, Mr. Christian Lorenz, we select specific trees for your garden, the trees are tagged with your name and  the appointed time they will deliver one or more trees to your garden.

If you buy a mature tree, it's usually more costly so never underestimate the importance of where you buy it from. Our company, together with Lorberg GmbH, offers a 5-year guarantee for planting large trees. That is a guaranty which is hard to beat elsewhere!



Now the planting comes

The trees have been delivered to your garden, so now the biggest fun begins. Of course the pits must be prepared for planting,  they must be drained and of course, you must have prepared the correct anchoring, irrigation and so on, but mainly you must use the correct handling technique. As a rule, clients are taking the time off work so as not to miss this installation.  It is so exciting because it is often the case that the planting cannot be completed using standard techniques.  Big diggers prepare big holes before the lifting cranes come in and then the trees are carefully lifted from the truck slowly rise to the correct height in order to securely settle down in their final place.

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