Nowadays the irrigation system is not  luxury garden equipment, on the contrary - it becomes a  standard part of any garden


The garden can not function without water and the smart system can deliver it more efficiently - not mentioning the time saved by watering the garden. Our company installs professional automatic irrigation systems from the American companies HUNTER and RAINBIRD. We provide a warranty and post-warranty service for both systems.


Why have an automatic irrigation system?

• Saves a large amount of your time that you can use differently.

• Saves your money because it irrigates effectivly.

• Even in the hot summer you will have everything watered.

• Fresh and green garden - that's what it's all about.

How does the irrigation system work?

A correctly designed and installed system:


• - irrigates evenly,

• - Irrigates when the plants receive the moisture at the best time,

• - Works automatically, no operator required

• - Irrigates when needed; when it rains or there is enough moisture, it is not activated,

•-  It is stored underground and if it is not in operation, is practically invisible.

We provide up to a 5-year guarantee for the automatic irrigation systems.


The cost of irrigation systems varies greatly from case to case, depending on individual circumstances such as the water source and its generosity, the degree of water pollution, the size and gradients of the garden etc. In general, the price estimate varies between 100-300 CZK / m2 irrigated area excluding VAT.

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